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Product Review: Maxima SC1

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Silicone is a rubber-like polymer that was discovered around the turn of the last century, and, with the exception of alcohol, has done more for enhancing women’s beauty than anything else in all the previous centuries combined. A crucial ingredient in shampoo and conditioners, silicone and its derivatives softens … [Read more...]

Product Review: MSR Rove Jacket

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In the 1982 movie First Blood, misunderstood antihero John J. Rambo decides to flee Pacific Northwest police on a Yamaha XT 250 dual sport wearing only jeans, boots, and, in this case, the aptly named guinea tee. While he does hit a few jumps and some sweet looking trails, Rambo’s ride is cut short during a hill … [Read more...]

Product Review: Liberty Sport Rider Collection Sunglasses

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Let me be blunt – I have a dirty mind. All of my motorcycle wet dreams involve DIRT. Whether ambushed by a market research survey or suffering through an emotional outpouring from the wife, when I daydream my single track brain finds a tall gear and runs for terra firma. All of my moto-related purchases are selected … [Read more...]

Product Review: Dubs Ear Plugs

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Machismo metal band Manowar once held the dubious distinction in the Guinness Book of Records of being the loudest band in the world – clocking in at close to 130 decibels during one of their concerts in the 1990s. When asked to comment on their noise notoriety the band members replied, Huh? Some degree of hearing … [Read more...]

Product Review: Deuter Compact 10 Air EXP Hydration Pack

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Make whatever negative generalizations you will about zee Germans: that they’re world class perverts, have terrible taste in music, or are largely responsible for ruining most of the last century. But no one can ever deny their engineering prowess, whether its something as complex as an automobile or as rudimentary … [Read more...]

Product Review: Suomy Mr Jump Helmet

Suomy MR Jump Black Magic

Some things in the world just compliment each other naturally – like peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, Bonnie and Clyde, or Rumplemintz and methamphetamine. When it comes to the motorcycle world, I believe that two of the things that compliment each other best are Italian manufacturers and motorcycle gear. … [Read more...]

The 1Show – The Only Motorcycle Show that Matters

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CONTRIBUTING WRITER – ROGER HUDNUT Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate love, but not everyone celebrates the traditional love that’s shared between two people. For the past six years the folks at See See Motor Coffee have used it as an excuse to celebrate a more atypical type of love, the passionate love of … [Read more...]

Product Review: Alpinestars Tech 5 Boot

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Inbreeding is something that’s generally frowned upon, but I would argue that cross-pollenating within the same family can be beneficial on certain occasions. Take, for example, Alpinestars’ new Tech 5 boot, which is a direct result of copulation between Alpinestars’ Tech 3 trailer-park boot and its ostentatious … [Read more...]

Movie Review: Penton – The John Penton Story

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I’m always intrigued by the history of motorcycles and motorcycle riding, particularly when it comes to the off-road variety. John Penton is largely considered the founding father of modern off-road riding and his influence is felt in just about every facet of the discipline. So if any singular rider deserves to have … [Read more...]

Product Review: Moto Lab (Suspension Services)

best dual sport suspension upgrade

There’s no shortage of options for a life-changing experience: parenthood, baptism, enlisting in the armed forces, spending seven years in Tibet, joining Amway, incarceration…they all offer a whole new perspective on life. My latest epiphany came from Arizona via UPS – I got the suspension on my dual sport … [Read more...]