JJ’s 1972 Yamaha DT250

1972 yamaha dt250


What made you buy a 1972 Yamaha DT250?

 I didn’t go looking to buy this bike, it found me. I was checking out some garage sales one weekend and there it was. A vintage street legal 2 stroke in great condition for $600…I couldn’t pass it up.

What don’t you like about this bike?

Vintage suspension! But that’s just part of the deal. The tank is pretty small so you can’t go long distances, but I’m too busy to ride that far anyway.

What kind of upgrades have you done to it?

Other than change the oil and spark plug, absolutely nothing.

What’s the best ride you’ve ever been on?

Forest Service Road 4601 up in the Central Oregon Cascades, early one summer. There were huge berms of leftover snow across the road and you had to get a good run at them to make it to the top, then hang on while you slide down the backside. Good times!