The Macgyver Collection: 5 Must Have Contingency Items for Your Garage


Any simpleton can perform rudimentary repairs on a motorcycle – provided they have proper parts, a clear set of instructions, and ample time. But for those eleventh hour emergency repairs, sometimes creative thinking and ingenuity are the only way to prevent your bike from being stuck on the service stand and your … [Read more...]

The Cold Shoulder: How to Prepare a Motorcycle for Long Term Storage

how to prepare a motorcycle for long term storage 3

Preparing a bike for long term storage sounds depressing. Motorcycles are made to be ridden, but that doesn’t mean circumstances won’t arise when you might have to leave your bike in the long term parking section of your garage. Maybe your well-to-do aristocratic Uncle Percival went down for his dirt nap and left … [Read more...]

Hill Climbing Basics from Jordy Smith

how to hill climb on a motorcycle

Jordy Smith knows a thing or two about hill climbing. As co-owner of the Widowmaker Hill Climb in Croydon, Utah he’s seen thousands of people attempt to crest the top of the 1000′ hill, which is the second stop in the Rockwell Championship Hill Climb Series. How steep is the Widowmaker? Out of 4800 some-odd … [Read more...]

Tip: Dirt Bike Plastic Repair (Shade Tree Method)

dirt bike plastic repair1

When it comes to repairing broken plastic on a motorcycle there’s the right way, the wrong way, and the Frank way. Dual Sport Alchemy’s favorite backyard engineer, Frank Morton, is at it again – this time devising a simple solution to the cracked front fender on his Grandson’s PW80. Before you pony up some cash … [Read more...]

Tip: Homemade Anti Fog for Goggles and Visors

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Motorcycle Racers are a diverse group of people who come from all walks of life, but the most successful Professional Racers all have one thing in common – none of them are blind. That’s right, vision is a crucial component for being able to ride a motorcycle well. Or at least farther than the first turn. Without … [Read more...]

Gearing Up at the Goodwill

cheap dual sport riding gear

Riding a Dual Sport can be an expensive hobby. After the initial investment of a bike comes the inevitable maintenance, upkeep, and upgrades. That’s assuming you keep it rubber side down. There’s no shortage of expensive bits and pieces out on the trails; evidence of carnage that can provide a fun game of forensic … [Read more...]

Novice Tip: How to Buy a Used (Dual Sport) Motorcycle

how to buy a used motorcycle

Satirist PJ O’Rouke once contemplated which kind of car offered the best handling characteristics for driving drunk. Front engine car, rear engine car – he eventually surmised that the best choice was a rental car; the reason being that it’s essentially an all terrain vehicle. Mud, snow, water, woods – it can … [Read more...]

Tip: Assembling a Back Country First Aid Kit

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When it comes to off-road motorsports, one piece of conventional wisdom rings true across the board: you can travel farther in 30 minutes than you can walk in a day. It is, after all, one of the main reasons many of us prefer to hit the trails as opposed to a track – to find solace in the great outdoors and get away … [Read more...]

Mechanic’s Tip: Locking Wrenches for Leverage

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Got a stubborn nut or bolt that was cranked down by Hercules during the golden age of the Roman Empire? If you don’t have an impact wrench, cheater bar, or 26″ biceps you might have a hard time breaking it loose. Before you attempt to karate kick your ratchet or bludgeon the offending piece of hardware with a … [Read more...]

Off Road Trail Etiquette: Mind your Manners!

Two Way

As an author and syndicated newspaper columnist, Emily Post became recognized as the leading authority on manners and etiquette during the 20th century. As much as she knew about decorum and social graces, she didn’t know a damn thing about riding motorcycles. But even though she may not have been able to teach … [Read more...]