Product Review: Form-a-Funnel

form-a-funnel review

Every now and then I come across a product that is so convenient its usefulness far over shadows it’s simplicity, making it something incredible to behold. One example of this is toilet paper. Another is the Form-a-Funnel from Pig.

As the name implies, this product can be shaped to make a funnel of various shapes and sizes. What makes the Form-a-Funnel so handy for a Dual Sport application is the fact that it folds flat or rolls up tightly, taking up minimal space in a pack or bag. If your clapped-out old bike consumes oil and needs to be topped off on long rides or if you have the tendency to pour gas from a portable storage container with the same poise and grace as a frat boy pouring his ninth shot of Tequila, this product is for you.

1318432310190-OutputHeroForm-a-Funnel isn’t just for adding fluids either, it’s also great for draining oil. My bike has three engine oil drain plugs – two of which are conveniently positioned so that I can place a pan underneath to catch the oil. The third one, not so much. It allows oil to ooze out on top of the skid plate and then run in every which direction, making quite a mess on my living room floor. Shaping the Form-a-Funnel into a trough and wedging it under this plug makes for a less-mess oil change.

Form-a-Funnel has other applications as well. It can be shaped into a tray or bowl to hold loose parts during a trailside repair. And because it’s core is made of lead, it can be quickly manipulated into a Sap – extremely handy for rendering law enforcement officials unconscious, allowing you to escape. Furthermore, since lead is impervious to radiation, Form-a-Funnel makes a great loin cloth to protect the family jewels while you’re having your broken bones X-rayed.

The only downside I found to this product is that it can’t be used to ingest multiple beers in a matter of seconds. Sorry, frat boys. And while I’m on the subject of ingesting things, being lined with lead means you probably shouldn’t let the kids chew on it for too long.

form a funnel reviewFor more information on Form-a-Funnel check out their cheesy late-night television video HERE.