Product Review: Ironman Sprocket

This product seems to run contrary to the ideals of this website. So far as sprockets go, these are expensive. But if you do the math, the Ironman Sprocket by Dirt Tricksironman sprocket review is actually rather reasonable. Made from heat treated, nickel/chrome plated, chrome-molly steel these things last a long time. Dirt Tricks is so sure of this that they offer a one year guarantee. So after you’ve blown money on two or three other sprockets it actually turns out to be economical. Yes, they weigh more than an aluminum sprocket but if you’re that concerned about weigh you’re a professional racer or obsessive compulsive and at the wrong website. I’ve had mine for three seasons now and even though I don’t get to ride as much as I used to since the kids came along, I’d still expect to see some wear by now. Nope!  Plus I think they look pretty cool too. Which makes my bike faster, right?