Product Review: Klim MX Socks

klim mx sock

A fetish is defined as a course of action to which one has an excessive and irrational commitment. According to my wife, I have a sock fetish. Admittedly, I love a new pair of socks. Who doesn’t? It’s like brand new carpet no matter where you walk. So while it may seem silly to do a review on a pair of socks, we just established I have a thing for socks…and these are no ordinary socks. This is a pair of socks made by Klim.

If you want to see a paradigm of excessive and irrational commitment, check out anything made by Klim. These guys are dedicated to creating some of the best technical riding gear, period. Yes it tends to be more expensive, these socks alone were $22. But as the saying goes you get what you pay for. And yes this is supposed to be a budget conscious site, but when it comes to moto gear $22 is at the low end of the scale.

Made with a blend of Coolmax, Merino wool, nylon, and lycra these transcend ordinary socks and become a piece of gear. The first time I rode with them was on a unseasonably warm day and my feet should have been drenched in sweat. The moisture wicking capabilities of these socks are unbelievable! This, combined with reinforced toe, heel, and sole, shock block padding (whatever that means), and plush terry lining make for a very comfortable high performance sock. Another feature I really liked was the elastic mid foot and ankle support. As I mentioned in my Gaerne Boot Review, I have lower legs like No 2 pencils and even thinner as you get towards the ankle, so the added support really helps keep them from bunching up.

$22 might seem a ridiculous price to pay for socks, but these are worth every penny. If you’re a rider who must have the best of everything, you’ll want these. If you’re budget minded, you need to splurge and upgrade your socks – it’s like installing new carpet in your cheap boots. Available at Atomic Moto.