Product Review: No Toil Air Filter Oil

Sometimes it seems I’m the last person on Earth to know about something. Such is the case with No Toil biodegradable air filter oil. While I wouldn’t say this oil is easier to apply or necessarily works better than other premium filter oils, it makes cleaning a dirty filter ridiculously effortless. Simply fill a sink or container with warm water, add some No Toil Detergent, then dunk your filter in. It literally takes only a couple of seconds to clean a crud caked filter. Plus, since both the oil and detergent are biodegradable all this can be done in the kitchen sink….and you remain married.

Speaking of marriage, what I didn’t like about this product is the fact that you become married to it. You can no longer use any solvent or petroleum product for cleaning, only their detergent will work. If you’re one of those people who like to run a thin film of grease where your foam filter mates with the air box (like I do), you must also use onlyno toil air filter oil review their biodegradable grease. Even so, if I can stay married to my wife for over ten years, I’m pretty sure this union will be nothing but bliss. Available at most Motorcycle Shops or online.