Product Review: Fly Trekker Helmet

CONTRIBUTING WRITER- FRANK MORTONfly trekker dual sport helmet review

I’ve owned a lot of helmets since I purchased my first Bell in 1971. If you counted the ones I have lying around the house (without digging in closets, rummaging in the garage, going out to the shop, or wherever else I may have some stashed) I’m guessing you could find at least nine. The Fly Trekker is helmet I currently use, and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

If you research Fly Helmets, you’ll find that the Trekker is the least expensive in their line up. Coincidence? Not hardly – I’m a cheap bastard. I got this helmet several years ago when I bought my first Dual Sport bike. Like that purchase, I decided I didn’t want to sink a lot of money into the sport on the slim chance that I wouldn’t like it, thus not losing a huge chunk of change. So I bought the Trekker for less than $100.

Out of all the helmets I’ve owned, this is probably the quietest one I can remember. It’s comfortable and feels light. It also fits better than most, which is high praise considering the odd shape of my head. Ventilation is adequate, but personally, I can’t get too much air – I tend to run hot and sweat profusely. Luckily the head liner and cheek pads remove quickly and easily for cleaning.

One of my favorite features of the Fly Trekker is the face shield. Goggles are clearly (no pun intended) best in the dirt, but not as comfortable on the road. The shield is perfect for the street riding portion of my Dual Sport career and will work over goggles, making it great in the rain. If you’re not a fan of face shields it’s easy to take it off by removing two screws.



Amenities aside, does the helmet ‘work’? Oh yeah. How do I know you ask? Well, let me tell you a story. Seems that showing the editor of this site your front tire one too many times will result in a completely unwarranted slap-down. On one occasion I gave him a peek at my tire and he introduced me to the ground. (Editor’s note: Frank gave me a ‘peek’ at his front tire the way the USS Seawolf gave Japanese ships a ‘peek’ at her torpedoes during World War 2.) 

I only recall three things about the incident: First, the hit. Second, sliding down a gravel road head first, hearing the grinding and thinking ‘damn, this helmet really does work’. And third, finding myself coming to a stop on my back, feet pointing in the direction I was originally headed, hoping that someone got the plate off that semi truck. Apparently I was launched over the handlebars, performed a half-gainer, landed on my head, and eventually slid to a stop down the road a piece. Check out the picture and you’ll see my evidence as to why I think these helmets work.

Is the Fly Trekker the greatest helmet on the market? Nope. Does it work? Yep. Would I buy another one? Absolutely. Pretty good bang for the buck, in my opinion.

fly trekker reviewAbout the Author: Frank Morton might have had a short lived career as a Sensitivity Trainer had he not decided to enlist in the Marine Corps the day after graduating High School and go to Vietnam. After his Tour of Duty he joined the Oregon State Police and spent several decades fighting crime and scraping dead people off highways. Now retired, he enjoys drinking gear oil and twisting rebar into the shape of balloon animals with his bare hands. He may not be ‘the most interesting man alive’ but he is one tough bastard.