Product Review: Cycle Wipes

best way to clean a dual sport face shield goggles

Fatherhood has instilled many valuable personality traits in me like patience, compassion, and resilience. I’ve accrued these wonderful attributes sequentially by repeatedly cleaning up bodily fluids. The consistent handling of pediatric biohazards over years has taught me that there is nothing quicker or more convenient for cleaning than wipes.

My home is now a fully stocked armory of wipes – baby wipes, sanitizing wipes, disinfecting wipes, antibacterial wipes, and a Swiffer (which is an eloquent name for wipe on a stick). I also keep auto detailing wipes in my car for when (not to be confused with if) one of my little bundles of joy decides to projectile vomit all over the interior. Needless to say I thought I stocked a wipe for all occasions. Then I came across Cycle Wipes. Finally someone has created a product that brings the convenience and ease of wipes to a motorcycle application.

My previous method of cleaning goggles was to spackle them with a gelatinous blob of phlegm, then smear it around with a grimy snot rag. Sometimes this proved sufficient, sometimes not so much. Sometimes I inadvertently scratched the lens because my snot rag had become as supple as a rasp. Now I have a convenient way to clear my vision without using bodily fluids or potentially abrasive cloth. Cycle Wipes are a quick and easy way to remove bugs, dirt, deer poo, and/or blood from your goggles, face shield, and motorcycle – perfect for Dual Sport riding!

Cycle Wipes use a gentle, ammonia free cleaning solution that’s safe to use on sensitive plastics. This cleaning solution includes a dash of isopropyl alcohol for its quick drying and anti-streaking properties. Because Isopropyl alcohol also has medicinal applications, after you’ve cleaned your goggles, checked your oil, and wiped excess dirt from your tires Cycle Wipes can then be repurposed to disinfect your whinny friend’s compound fracture.

One thing I love about these wipes is that they’re juicy. Their unique ratio of three ingredients (water, cleaning solution, and alcohol) is generously added in each wipe, so removing stubborn caked-on debris from your goggles and face shield is that much easier. For particularly difficult cleaning Cycle Wipes recommends laying the wipe directly over the area to be cleaned and allowing the cleaning solution to soak into the dirt to soften it up.

Of course, dirt does contain grit which could scratch plastic lenses no matter what you use to clean them with. Exercise care to gently remove large particles before giving any surface a good scrubbing. The porous fabric of Cycle Wipes helps to trap debris while wiping as opposed to smearing it across the surface. This greatly reduces the potential for scratching. And since this fabric is also non woven, lint becomes a non issue. Remember – just like using toilet paper, wiping vertically will achieve better results than wiping horizontally.

best way to clean dual sport goggles and face shieldCut to an ample size, these wipes are folded and packaged in a compact 3×5 inch re-sealable packet that (according to their website) is easily stored in a pocket, purse, or tank bag. While I would agree that Cycle Wipes fit nicely in a pocket or pack easily in a saddle bag, my Hello Kitty purse is already overloaded with extra panty hose, tampons, makeup, expired coupons, tiny bottles of vodka, morning after pills, five pounds of loose change, a used pair of chopsticks, a slimy tube of ChapStick covered in dog hair and, of course, a variety of wipes. There’s simply no room for anything else.

So take a lesson from parenthood and don’t forget to pack wipes on your next ride – nothing is more convenient for quickly clearing your field of vision or removing bodily fluids from your seat!