Product Review: Hydro Flask

At first glance Hydro Flask seems nothing more than a fancy Thermos. Which, coincidentally, is pretty much what it is. Made from food grade 18/8 stainless steel, powder coated, double walled and vacuum sealed, it claims to keep liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for twelve. This opens up the possibility of taking cold beer on a long hot ride. Or being able to stop for a sip of hot coffee on a cooler ride. Dare I mention hot buttered rum? Mmmmmm.

While I have yet to test this for hot beverages, it certainly worked to keep things cold. Filled with ice water and left to bake in my car during a sweltering summer day, the Hydro Flask contained remnants of ice cubes in it later that evening and even remained cold the next morning. What else can the Hydro Flask do? Fully loaded the 64 oz Growler could probably be used as a formidable self defense weapon, bludgeoning rabid animals. Being of a singular mindset when I recieved my red 40 oz as a present, I immediately saw it as a potential carry along fuel container for long rides, although I haven’t actually tried this.

The only problem I’ve encountered with my Hydro Flask is, well…me. I accidentally dropped the damn thing on my garage floor. While it didn’t break, it was left with a sizable dent on the bottom. This gives it a significant wobble when placed on a flat surface, and it now tips over easily. Maybe its time to revisit its potential as a fuel can. Go to Overland Gourmet to check out a full array of sizes and colors.