Tip: Cheap Riding Gear from Your Uncle!

cheap riding gear


If you live in the States your well-to-do Uncle Sam has surplus for sale at  reasonable prices. Before Craigs List and Ebay, Military Surplus Stores were a great place to find cheap riding gear. Ok, so maybe its not necessarily motorcycle specific. Bazooka ammo crates make terrible Panniers and you don’t really need a korean army spork. But if you look closer there can be a treasure trove of useful items. Gear bags, back packs, base layers, balaclavas, multi tools, first aid kits, rain suits, cold weather gloves, and more can be purchased at a decent rate.

It may not be up to the quality of manufacturers like Klim, but you won’t be melting your credit card either. I bought my first chest protector there for $15. Granted it was German Riot Police body armor that made me look like an extra from a low budget 70s sci fi movie, but it got me by until I could afford to upgrade. Plus I was able to repurpose it as a conversation piece. If you’re on a limited budget and looking to cut costs on some of the basics, Military Surplus Stores can help save money for the important big ticket items that you shouldn’t skimp on. So go check out your local Military Surplus Store – find your way past all the ammo boxes,  inflatable assault boats, and cougar urine to pick up some cheap riding gear!