How to turn 5 cents into 30 dollars

Your bike will thank you.

I don’t know who originally came up with this idea but I got this tip from a friend of a friend. If you tend to do a lot of riding in areas that have soft dirt, sand, or silt, you know what its like to have the earth swallow your kickstand and watch your bike tip over while you’re frantically searching for something to support it. Touratech has a high-tech solution; a kickstand extension that prevents this from happening. It sells for around 30 dollars…plus shipping.  This may come as a shock, but a flattened beer can will do the same thing for the measly sum of 5 cents (assuming you live in a redemption state). Yup, this modern miracle of engineering is strong, durable, light weight, can be easily stored in a pocket or pack, and will help reduce an alcoholics carbon foot print by reusing his garbage. They also come in different sizes; I highly recommend a double deuce of Labatt’s for adventure bikes. Purchase a 6 pack of pounders and use your crushed empties to give as Christmas gifts to all your Dual Sport friends. This kind of generosity will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy…depending on how much you drink.