Roger Beardsley’s 2011 Yamaha WR250R

2011 Yamaha WR250 review modifications

If Roger Beardsley isn't riding one of his motorcycles, he can be found rebuilding old trucks and hot rods or customizing some form of machinery in the shop behind his house - which is bigger and (arguably) nicer than his house. That's not to say he doesn't have a nice home, it just means he knows where he spends the majority of his time and has … [Read more...]

Product Review: 2012 Yamaha WR250R (with Modifications!)

wr250r modifications

CONTRIBUTING WRITER - FRANK MORTON I've owned a wide variety of motorcycles over the course of my life, but this is just my 2nd Dual Sport. My first was a Suzuki DR650 which I bought because I thought I would enjoy cruising through the woods on gravel roads. Turns out I prefer trying to injure myself by going fast over technical terrain. The … [Read more...]