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Five Fundamentals for the DIY Dual Sport Mechanic

It's often said that mechanics make horrible racers. They're simply too concerned about damaging the machine to have a viable career on the track. Using this line of reasoning I suppose it could also be argued that people who favor the right side of their brain would make horrible mechanics, … [Read More...]

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wheelie monster

Attack of the Wheelie Monster

During the mid 80s the cold war was in full effect, with geopolitical instability fueling an arms race between opposing global super powers. At this time there was another arms race of sorts going on in the motorcycle world - the leading Japanese manufacturers were … [Read More...]

why we ride review

Movie Review: Why We Ride

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a movie snob. I reached my saturation point years ago with predictable explosions, ludicrous CGI effects, and convoluted plot lines. I'm most critical when a motorcycle appears on the screen, particularly in an action movie. I find … [Read More...]

how to apply dual sport motorcycle graphics

Tip: How to Apply Dual Sport Motorcycle Graphics without getting Hypertension

I've long believed the ninth circle of hell is a lake of fire where the damned are forced to assemble cheap furniture for all eternity. Without instructions of course. If there were a tenth circle of hell, I suspect it would be where people are forced to apply … [Read More...]

1996 Suzuki DR350 review with modifications and upgrades

Christopher Luis’ 1996 Suzuki DR350

The Suzuki DR350 has a long-standing reputation as one of the best Dual Sport motorcycles available. Simplistic, reliable, and easy to squeeze extra performance from, these bikes have been the weapon of choice for many Dual Sport and ADV riders, including Austin Vince … [Read More...]