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alpinestars tech 5 boot review best dual sport boots

Product Review: Alpinestars Tech 5 Boot

Inbreeding is something that's generally frowned upon, but I would argue that cross-pollenating within the same family can be beneficial on certain occasions. Take, for example, Alpinestars' new Tech 5 boot, which is a direct result of copulation between Alpinestars' Tech 3 trailer-park boot and its … [Read More...]

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The Virgin

The Virgin

I suppose just about everyone remembers their first time on a motorcycle - I'm certainly no exception. It was the late 1970's and I was a kid visiting my relatives in Connecticut. There were some other kids in the neighborhood and during my stay I became friendly with a … [Read More...]


Movie Review: Penton – The John Penton Story

I'm always intrigued by the history of motorcycles and motorcycle riding, particularly when it comes to the off-road variety. John Penton is largely considered the founding father of modern off-road riding and his influence is felt in just about every facet of the … [Read More...]

1995 Kawasaki KLX650 review

Scott Whitaker’s Kawasaki 1995 KLX650C

CONTRIBUTING WRITER: SCOTT WHITAKER My off-road-biased, dualsport mentality harkens back to the days of making trails as a kid with my '79 Yamaha GT80 - a puzzling but true 80cc dual sport! The allure of a do-anything bike with signals, horn, and knobbies is as … [Read More...]

best dual sport suspension upgrade

Product Review: Moto Lab (Suspension Services)

There's no shortage of options for a life-changing experience: parenthood, baptism, enlisting in the armed forces, spending seven years in Tibet, joining Amway, incarceration...they all offer a whole new perspective on life. My latest epiphany came from Arizona via … [Read More...]