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deuter compact 10 air exp hydration pack review

Product Review: Deuter Compact 10 Air EXP Hydration Pack

Make whatever negative generalizations you will about zee Germans: that they're world class perverts, have terrible taste in music, or are largely responsible for ruining most of the last century. But no one can ever deny their engineering prowess, whether its something as complex as an automobile … [Read More...]

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How to replace a dual sport wheel rim and true mx spokes 0000

The Morton Method of Replacing a Broken Dual Sport Motorcycle Rim

CONTRIBUTING WRITER: FRANK MORTON A recurring shoulder has limited my riding time, but clearly has not dampened my ability to damage my bike! Think I did this by running too fast through a rocky area with too little tire pressure. When I spotted this damage I was … [Read More...]

dirt bike meditation 2

Transincidental Meditation

  If being a father of two boys for many years now has taught me any one thing, it's this: I never should have had kids. This conclusion wasn't arrived at from a self-serving origin. I'm not afflicted with nostalgia for my misspent youth when my daily mantra … [Read More...]

Yamaha WR250R exhaust gut modification

Frank’s 2012 Yamaha WR250R Exhaust Modification

CONTRIBUTING WRITER - FRANK MORTON Dual Sport Alchemy's favorite unemployed, overly-caffeinated backyard engineer is at it again - determined to conjure every last bit of performance out of his 2012 Yamaha WR250R. This episode finds the aspiring alchemist with an … [Read More...]

Soumy Mr Jump Dual Sport Motorcycle helmet review

Product Review: Suomy Mr Jump Helmet

  Some things in the world just compliment each other naturally - like peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, Bonnie and Clyde, or Rumplemintz and methamphetamine. When it comes to the motorcycle world, I believe that two of the things that compliment each … [Read More...]