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The 1Show

The 1Show – The Only Motorcycle Show that Matters

CONTRIBUTING WRITER - ROGER HUDNUT Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate love, but not everyone celebrates the traditional love that’s shared between two people. For the past six years the folks at See See Motor Coffee have used it as an excuse to celebrate a more atypical type of love, the … [Read More...]

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Oxyled Cree 500 Flashlight Review

Product Review: OxyLED Cree 500 Flashlight

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And on the second Sunday of the seventh month, as I peered into the dark recesses of my dual sport's air box, I spoketh, … [Read More...]

alpinestars tech 5 boot review best dual sport boots

Product Review: Alpinestars Tech 5 Boot

Inbreeding is something that's generally frowned upon, but I would argue that cross-pollenating within the same family can be beneficial on certain occasions. Take, for example, Alpinestars' new Tech 5 boot, which is a direct result of copulation between Alpinestars' … [Read More...]

The Virgin

The Virgin

I suppose just about everyone remembers their first time on a motorcycle - I'm certainly no exception. It was the late 1970's and I was a kid visiting my relatives in Connecticut. There were some other kids in the neighborhood and during my stay I became friendly with a … [Read More...]


Movie Review: Penton – The John Penton Story

I'm always intrigued by the history of motorcycles and motorcycle riding, particularly when it comes to the off-road variety. John Penton is largely considered the founding father of modern off-road riding and his influence is felt in just about every facet of the … [Read More...]