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Product Review: MSR Rove Jacket

In the 1982 movie First Blood, misunderstood antihero John J. Rambo decides to flee Pacific Northwest police on a Yamaha XT 250 dual sport wearing only jeans, boots, and, in this case, the aptly named guinea tee. While he does hit a few jumps and some sweet looking trails, Rambo’s ride is cut short … [Read More...]

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in the boot vs over the boot off road riding pants 3

Sibling Rivalry: In the Boot vs Over the Boot Riding Pants

As the saying goes, there’s few certainties in life. However, if you ride a motorcycle off-road, one thing is certain: you’re going to wear pants. Through all my years riding I’ve yet to see a rider sporting a kilt, kimono, or (thankfully) loin cloth. Yes, broadcaster … [Read More...]

2016 1Show

The 2016 1Show – The Only Motorcycle Show that (Still) Matters

Contributing Writer: Roger Hudnut Editor’s note: Another February is left in the dust and with it, another missed opportunity for me to attend the 1Show - the Pacific Northwest's preeminent motorcycle exhibition. Luckily Roger Hudnut, senior lackey from the Portland, … [Read More...]

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Product Review: Liberty Sport Rider Collection Sunglasses

Let me be blunt - I have a dirty mind. All of my motorcycle wet dreams involve DIRT. Whether ambushed by a market research survey or suffering through an emotional outpouring from the wife, when I daydream my single track brain finds a tall gear and runs for terra … [Read More...]

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The Header Heard ’round the World

Go back far enough in history and you’ll find that the most basic common conveniences today started out as a revolutionary modern concept. Items used in everyday life today are so taken for granted it never occurs to us that said gadgets and contraptions didn’t exist … [Read More...]