The Sum of All Gears

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Literary demigod Marcel Proust once wrote that The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Dual Sport Alchemy's website used to have a gallery section, filled with pictures of stunning Central Oregon landscapes and the obligatory motorcycle in the foreground. The intention was to inspire people to … [Read more...]

Dual Sport Anthropology

ensemble 2

Someone smarter than me once pointed out that just because people are passionate about motorcycles, it doesn't necessarily mean they have anything else in common. I always assumed that if someone is as passionate about motorcycles as I am, it was the basis of a great friendship. Turns out I was wrong. However, riding a Dual Sport can offer a safe … [Read more...]

Bridge to Nowhere

mud brothers

We shot out of the trees and raced along the shoreline of the reservoir, four riders eagerly looking for moist soil in the dry and dusty summertime. This time of year the reservoir water level was low. Vast areas of the lake bed were exposed, revealing a large hazy ring of minute green flora close to the shore. It was what I imagined a peat bog in … [Read more...]

The Dual Sport Environmentalist


There's certainly been no shortage of embarrassing moments in my life, the majority of which have been self inflicted. Social ineptitude, general clumsiness, and unintentional off-color remarks at perfectly inappropriate times have kept them coming in a steady torrent. I accepted this long ago and in doing so acquired a liberating sense of personal … [Read more...]