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Dual Sport Alchemy’s Cursory Coolant Class

how to test check dual sport motorcycle coolant antifreeze

Good morning boys and girls! Welcome to DSA’s coolant class, where we explore the exciting world of motorcycle engine coolant by combining frivolous technical jargon with rudimentary mathematics. Let’s dive right in with a word problem, shall we? If Johnny spends $735 on a 26 year-old Honda XR250 and then rides 5 miles to the store to purchase … [Read more...]

The Morton Method of Replacing a Broken Dual Sport Motorcycle Rim

How to replace a dual sport wheel rim and true mx spokes 0000

CONTRIBUTING WRITER: FRANK MORTON A recurring shoulder has limited my riding time, but clearly has not dampened my ability to damage my bike! Think I did this by running too fast through a rocky area with too little tire pressure. When I spotted this damage I was overwhelmed with questions: Do I buy a new wheel? Do I take it to a shop and … [Read more...]

Tip: Easy Way to Reduce Wind Noise on a Contour Helmet Camera

how to fix or reduce wind noise on the contour helmet camera

Helmet cameras offer a great way to document your dual sport excursions through the serenity of nature. They also provide a fantastic opportunity to televise your happenstance near-death experiences in the dirt for entertainment. Before GoPro came along and crushed the competition with an incessantly dominant marketing campaign, Contour was the … [Read more...]

Novice Tip: Avoiding Motorcycle Target Fixation

avoiding motorcycle target fixation

Target fixation is something that I've been familiar with for a long time. Back during the drunken years (my early to late twenties) when I wore whiskey goggles instead of motorcycle goggles, I would often fixate on some 'attractive' girl from across the bar and find myself helplessly drawn to her. Inevitably, I would end up planted right in front … [Read more...]

Upgrading Frank’s 2012 Yamaha WR250R (Part 1)

WR250R upgrades 6 (2)

CONTRIBUTING WRITER - FRANK MORTON I've got over 8,000 dirty miles on my 2012 Yamaha WR250R and I've spent a lot of them thinking about upgrading the performance of this small bore bike. I've even wondered if I should have let loose an extra four grand for the 'race ready' KTM 350. In talking it over with my wife, she made one astute and … [Read more...]

Something to SHOUT About: A Cheap and Easy Way to Keep Your Dual Sport Clean!

best way to wash a dual sport motorcycle 1

Here's the thing about riding a dual sport in the dirt: it tends to get your bike all dirty. This is really only problematic for those of us with OCD tendencies - and whoever has to repair or maintain the bike. Personally, I've always been inclined to regard any piece of machinery I own anthropomorphically, which is a fancy way of saying I treat … [Read more...]

Five Fundamentals for the DIY Dual Sport Mechanic


It's often said that mechanics make horrible racers. They're simply too concerned about damaging the machine to have a viable career on the track. Using this line of reasoning I suppose it could also be argued that people who favor the right side of their brain would make horrible mechanics, as they're more preoccupied with the way things appear … [Read more...]

Tip: How to Apply Dual Sport Motorcycle Graphics without getting Hypertension

how to apply dual sport motorcycle graphics

I've long believed the ninth circle of hell is a lake of fire where the damned are forced to assemble cheap furniture for all eternity. Without instructions of course. If there were a tenth circle of hell, I suspect it would be where people are forced to apply motorcycle graphics for all eternity. In the past, nothing has been more frustrating … [Read more...]

Tip: Setting Rear Suspension Sag on a Dual Sport Motorcycle

how to set rear suspension sag on a dual sport motorcycle

During my stint as a fluffer at the Cripple Croaked Assisted Living Facility, I was constantly reminded about sag. But as a Dual Sport rider suspension sag is something I only thought about once - when I originally purchased my bike. For most novice riders its easy to assume that once sag is set it will not change. This is both true and false, a … [Read more...]

KTM Fork Protector Modification for the DRZ400

KTM fork protectors for DRZ400

If you own a DRZ400 and are looking to swap your conventional fork boots in favor of something a little more avant-garde, there's not a lot of choices. Neoprene protectors such as Seal Savers or Dirt Skins are available in a Skittle colored palate and can work well to guard seals, but offer only minimal protection for the upper tube of the fork. As … [Read more...]