Tip: Setting Rear Suspension Sag on a Dual Sport Motorcycle

how to set rear suspension sag on a dual sport motorcycle

During my stint as a fluffer at the Cripple Croaked Assisted Living Facility, I was constantly reminded about sag. But as a Dual Sport rider suspension sag is something I only thought about once - when I originally purchased my bike. For most novice riders its easy to assume that once sag is set it will not change. This is both true and false, a … [Read more...]

How to turn 5 cents into 30 dollars


Your bike will thank you.I don't know who originally came up with this idea but I got this tip from a friend of a friend. If you tend to do a lot of riding in areas that have soft dirt, sand, or silt, you know what its like to have the earth swallow your kickstand and watch your bike tip over while you're frantically searching for something to … [Read more...]

Tip: Cheap Riding Gear from Your Uncle!

cheap riding gear

If you live in the States your well-to-do Uncle Sam has surplus for sale at  reasonable prices. Before Craigs List and Ebay, Military Surplus Stores were a great place to find cheap riding gear. Ok, so maybe its not necessarily motorcycle specific. Bazooka ammo crates make terrible Panniers and you don't really need a korean army spork. But if you … [Read more...]