Product Review: 2012 Yamaha WR250R (with Modifications!)

wr250r modifications

CONTRIBUTING WRITER - FRANK MORTON I've owned a wide variety of motorcycles over the course of my life, but this is just my 2nd Dual Sport. My first was a Suzuki DR650 which I bought because I thought I would enjoy cruising through the woods on gravel roads. Turns out I prefer trying to injure myself by going fast over technical terrain. The … [Read more...]

JJ’s 1972 Yamaha DT250


What made you buy a 1972 Yamaha DT250?  I didn't go looking to buy this bike, it found me. I was checking out some garage sales one weekend and there it was. A vintage street legal 2 stroke in great condition for $600...I couldn't pass it up. What don't you like about this bike? Vintage suspension! But that's just part of the deal. The … [Read more...]