Dual Sport Alchemy’s Cursory Coolant Class

how to test check dual sport motorcycle coolant antifreeze

Good morning boys and girls! Welcome to DSA’s coolant class, where we explore the exciting world of motorcycle engine coolant by combining frivolous technical jargon with rudimentary mathematics. Let’s dive right in with a word problem, shall we? If Johnny spends $735 on a 26 year-old Honda XR250 and then rides 5 miles to the store to purchase … [Read more...]

Tip: Dirt Bike Plastic Repair (Shade Tree Method)

dirt bike plastic repair

When it comes to repairing broken plastic on a motorcycle there's the right way, the wrong way, and the Frank way. Dual Sport Alchemy's favorite backyard engineer, Frank Morton, is at it again -  this time devising a simple solution to the cracked front fender on his Grandson's PW80. Before you pony up some cash for new plastic or stink yourself … [Read more...]