Exit Interview with Dual Sport Alchemy’s Editor

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Why are you leaving your current position? I'm not leaving, just going on indefinite hiatus. This website is a one-man operation (with occasional contributions from other like-minded jackasses) and the time and effort required to feed it and maintain it while raising two kids and having a full time day job can be a bit arduous. For a brief … [Read more...]

The Sum of All Gears

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Literary demigod Marcel Proust once wrote that The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Dual Sport Alchemy's website used to have a gallery section, filled with pictures of stunning Central Oregon landscapes and the obligatory motorcycle in the foreground. The intention was to inspire people to … [Read more...]

Frank’s Yamaha WR250R Dyno Tuning Adventure

Yamaha WR250R Dyno Tune

Contributing Writer: Frank Morton After much careful deliberation (meaning a long period of indecision) I decided to have my Yamaha WR250R dyno-tuned, so I scheduled an appointment. I learned a lot throughout the process, but the most important lessons I learned were: any moron can buy a dynamometer but that doesn't necessarily mean he’s … [Read more...]

Product Review: Maxima SC1


Silicone is a rubber-like polymer that was discovered around the turn of the last century, and, with the exception of alcohol, has done more for enhancing women's beauty than anything else in all the previous centuries combined. A crucial ingredient in shampoo and conditioners, silicone and its derivatives softens hair and gives it a lustrous … [Read more...]

Single Track Trail of Terror


Disclaimer: While the following short story does reference knobby tires and single track trails, it has absolutely nothing to do with motorcycles, dual sport or otherwise. In the mid 90s I moved to Atlanta, Georgia for an internship, and upon completion was offered a position that I knew would be a bright shiny penny on my resume. I had always … [Read more...]

Product Review: MSR Rove Jacket


In the 1982 movie First Blood, misunderstood antihero John J. Rambo decides to flee Pacific Northwest police on a Yamaha XT 250 dual sport wearing only jeans, boots, and, in this case, the aptly named guinea tee. While he does hit a few jumps and some sweet looking trails, Rambo’s ride is cut short during a hill climb when poor body position and … [Read more...]

Sibling Rivalry: In the Boot vs Over the Boot Riding Pants

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As the saying goes, there’s few certainties in life. However, if you ride a motorcycle off-road, one thing is certain: you’re going to wear pants. Through all my years riding I’ve yet to see a rider sporting a kilt, kimono, or (thankfully) loin cloth. Yes, broadcaster and Monster Energy motorsports tart Dianna Dahlgren can be seen riding wearing a … [Read more...]

The 2016 1Show – The Only Motorcycle Show that (Still) Matters

2016 1Show

Contributing Writer: Roger Hudnut Editor’s note: Another February is left in the dust and with it, another missed opportunity for me to attend the 1Show - the Pacific Northwest's preeminent motorcycle exhibition. Luckily Roger Hudnut, senior lackey from the Portland, Oregon branch of Dual Sport Alchemy's Global Domination Headquarters, was able … [Read more...]

Product Review: Liberty Sport Rider Collection Sunglasses

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Let me be blunt - I have a dirty mind. All of my motorcycle wet dreams involve DIRT. Whether ambushed by a market research survey or suffering through an emotional outpouring from the wife, when I daydream my single track brain finds a tall gear and runs for terra firma. All of my moto-related purchases are selected accordingly. From my tires to … [Read more...]

The Header Heard ’round the World

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Go back far enough in history and you’ll find that the most basic common conveniences today started out as a revolutionary modern concept. Items used in everyday life today are so taken for granted it never occurs to us that said gadgets and contraptions didn’t exist not that long ago, and most certainly did not become commonplace overnight. The … [Read more...]